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We Are Democrats

You know, the nice ones. The ones that care about  you, your family and your neighbors. Even your dog. Yep, we care.

Election Day – November 3, 2020

We live in an extraordinary time, with much of the future at stake. Your vote in the election is important! Take some time to familiarize yourself with the issues and the candidates and VOTE!

About Kern Democrats

Across the nation, Central Committees promote the growth and development of the Democratic Party, actively support Democratic candidates and incumbents and the Democratic platform, functioning under the general direction of each State Democratic Party. Democrats support the community, various chartered clubs, social clubs and organizations that align with democratic values. However, unlike other progressive organizations or clubs, we have official duties, as defined by the California Election Code, and carry the official weight of the California Democratic Party for certain matters within our jurisdiction.

Kern County Central Committee is comprised of a leadership chair, vice chair, secretary, controller, member-at-large, and a body of members from each district. All are elected to Central Committee during Presidential primary elections to represent the voters in their Supervisorial Districts. Newly elected members then vote within the committee for leadership positions. Kern County has five districts. (find your district here) The number of seats for each district is based on the number of votes in the prior election.
The member classes are outlined in our Bylaws. Elected members; We also have Ex-Officio, Appointed, Alternate, and Associate members representing other districts or organizations or filling vacancies.

Platform & Values

Democrats are the party of inclusion. We know that diversity is not our problem—it is our promise. As Democrats, we respect differences of perspective and belief, and pledge to work together to move this country forward, even when we disagree … we do not merely seek common ground—we strive to reach higher ground.”  

National Democrats

Where We Stand

Our California

Endorsed by the Kern County Democratic Central Committee

Kim Mangone

for Congress

Rudy Salas

for Assembly

TJ Cox

for Congress

“Every election is determined by the people who show up.”
― Larry J. Sabato

Pendulum Swing

Voters have rights.

Did you know you don’t have to show your ID in order to cast your vote? If you are asked, it’s a clear sign of voter suppression. Have you received your mail in ballot and it’s incorrect? Have you suddenly found you are not registered at all, when you are certain you had completed all the steps?

This year marks a drastic increase in voter suppression, confusing campaigns and a great deal of tense questioning as to the state of the republic and our democracy.

We have compiled information on these and other issues about your right to cast a vote.



Don’t Forget to Vote!

US Elections • Tuesday November 3, 2020








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